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Pawvy Peppermint Kisses Dental Chews are designed with busy pet owners in mind and with regular use as part of a dental health routine that can help reduce tartar, fight bad breath and improve patient compliance. Owners who are simply too busy to stop and brush their dog’s teeth daily can always find time to treat their pet with a chew or two at mealtime. 


Using Peppermint Kisses also helps owners focus on the importance of their pet’s oral health as a part of their overall health and wellness. If you are struggling to get patients to recognize the need for adequate dental care, having an affordable and convenient solution can improve adherence and make it easier for the pets in your care to get the regular maintenance care they need. 


Peppermint Kisses are designed to reduce plaque buildup; the American Veterinary Medicine Association (AVMA) recommends annual dental checkups and a daily tooth cleaning regimen to prevent harmful plaque and tartar buildup. Both bacteria and tartar can cause health problems and impact overall wellness and ability to enjoy life.


Peppermint Kisses dental chews contain ANM Complex Oral Care™: This exclusive proprietary ingredient designed to target and eliminate tartar and bacteria, Sodium Metaphosphate to reduce plaque and tartar formation, and the odor neutralizing power of chlorophyll which naturally targets odors and bacteria and eliminates offensive odors. Peppermint Kisses also contain natural peppermint, parsley and anise for a fresh, just brushed scent 


30 Count