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Human Foods Pose Serious Health Risks to your Cat

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Though cats may not be considered as man's best friend lots of people are actually huge fans of cats. As it turns out these purring animals do not only attract rich pet lovers but also those who are comfortable with the stray ones.

With this, the rise of cat food continuously grows as well. To date, there are more or less 111 companies in the US that manufactures cat food.

Obviously, not all can afford to feed their cats a healthy and balanced diet like so many articles suggest.

Most pet owners resolve to leftovers from their refrigerators and tables. However, did you know that no matter how harmless these human foods are, some are actually deadly for cats?

There are a number of food lists that are dangerous to cats.

Alcohol - A tablespoon of this liquid can put a cat in a coma and little over than this can make its heart stop.

Tuna - Some may think that since this is a fish it is safe for cats. According to studies, feeding this type of fish to cats every day is not healthy. The reasons behind this are: first, it does not contain all the nutrients and vitamins that a cat needs. Second, since Tuna has mercury, eating too much of this can eventually make them sick.

Chocolates, Coffee, Tea, and Energy drinks - These yummy treats are definitely not for cats. That's why there are so many cat treats on the market today. Having these in their digestive system will cause restlessness, rapid breathing, palpitations, heart arrhythmia, muscle tremors, and seizures. This is because these types of chow have caffeine and Theobromine.

Onions, Garlic and Chives - No matter how the condition of these condiments is (fresh, powder, stale), a little amount of these may bring harm to cats. If eaten, the cat's red blood cells may break and can eventually lead to Anemia.

Grapes and raisins - A high amount of these types of food may result in frequent vomiting and restlessness. Aside from this, it can also has the potential to affect a cats kidneys.

Xylitol - This type of sweetener is harmful to cats. Xylitol may be present in candies, gums and in other preserved desserts. When this enters their system a cat's insulin may increase and cause their blood sugar to crash. This sweetener may also lead to liver troubles.

Dairy products - Adult cats cannot tolerate milk in their system. They can easily develop lactose intolerance. If a cat eats food with milk this may cause them to have Diarrhea and an upset stomach.

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